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We offer a high-class service for office refurbishments. Our expert designers are well versed in creating functional, comfortable, and modern workspaces for the commercial sector.

So, whether you’re directly looking for an office refurbishment solution in London, or you’re thinking of ways in which you can transform your current workspace – we can help.

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Interior Refits & Fit outs

At PSG Global, we provide commercial office refurbishment services in London to the highest level and sharpest detail.

Most companies on a global scale understand the fundamental influence of office environments on employee performance and workplace culture.

In short, a refurbished office space can deliver you exceptional employees, hard-working colleagues and fantastic new business opportunities.

How Can PSG Global Help You With Your Commercial Space?

What makes office refurbishments in London different is its metropolitan environment, which makes designing offices within the city a much more intricate and complex process, a process that PSG Global has years of experience in.


With over 16 years of helping a range of businesses and organisations under our belt, our project management consultancy has the expertise to cater to your commercial space’s needs.


PSG stay in business because of our clients, not because of property investors or property companies. Our service is impartial, professional and we always put our clients first.


Our project managers come from industry contractor and/or quantity surveyor backgrounds who apply their practical experience into all of our projects, so you are in good hands.

Why Choose PSG Global For Your New Office Space?

Professional and quality commercial refurbishment services to create a risk-free, beautifully crafted space. All set to your satisfaction.

Undertaking a full office refurbishment can be a demanding process. 

We are a company that thrives and drives to surpass our client’s expectations. We build trust and respect among our buyers, with a history of referred work given the satisfaction of our previous clients. An office fit out in London performed by PSG Global is a simple process that ensures your office is refurbished with practicality and efficiency.

Why Improve Your London Office Space?

Improve your Productivity

increase your workplace wellbeing

enhance staff retention

Jonathan Milich – Vice President, Brookfield Financial

Brookfield Financial relocated to new office premises with the help of PSG Global, who were engaged on a project management and subsequently a design and build basis. The project was completed on time, on budget and the quality of finish was superb! We found the PSG Team to be attentive, reactive, highly knowledgeable and diligent. We were impressed with their positive outlook and professional attitude, which made the process feel easy. PSG captured our vision and we are extremely grateful for all their help.

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Outstanding Refurbishment Results for your office In London Today

We know how to make a stunning space that works for you.

Your employee productivity is at the top of our priorities, and how you can improve it by designing a healthy office. That's why we are designing your office with your employees and their workplace well-being in mind to improve productivity , morale of employees and retention of staff.

We know that understanding the needs of our clients is the key to bringing satisfaction for every customer, that’s why we tailor our services for every client. We understand that taste and needs are unique, so we are here to bring your creative ideas to life! But we do more than just create a perfectly crafted refurbishment.

Extended Office Life

We can, and always will, deliver refurbished workspace that is sturdy, as well as visually appealing. You can count on our services to ensure that your office will maintain its space longer.

Team Dynamic

Our services can improve office space to promote better team communication by highlighting key areas that enable employees to effectively work together.

Improved Wellbeing

It’s fundamentally clear that office environments can greatly affect how an employee feels during his or her work time, which is why we can provide refurbishments that allow for better office environments, equaling to happier and more motivated staff.

Office Refurbishment In London: What It Involves

Office refurbishments involve both office staff and the internal project team. Both parties will require their opinions on what will make the business office more efficient. 

Once research and surveyance is conducted, your company will need to find an office fit-out specialist such as PSG Global to evaluate the architectural, mechanical, electrical and financial options for your office. This will all need approval from the company staff in addition.

During the refurbishment stage, ensure your staff are as less disturbed as possible, communicating with your fit-out partner as often as possible for planning minimal disruption.

Once done, you will then need to hire an office removal firm – which your fit-out partner can recommend for you. This is possibly the biggest task in office refurbishment, considering the size of London offices in general. Once staff are settled and normality has returned, we can then review accordingly.

Office Layout design: What to consider

To make things simpler for you, we set out different subjects for you to quickly review when considering an office refurbishment.





How much are you willing to spend? Do you have an initial budget you can use for an office refurbishment?

How does your business work? And how will this workspace facilitate your business?

Is your current office space viable for a refurbishment? Are there any restrictions to consider?

What kind of design are you looking for? Modern? Classic? Contemporary?

Office refurbishment takes into account these 4 primary elements, however it is worth considering the sub-topics set within these items. For budget, how much does your office go on employee events?  Or with space, what is the maximum amount of employees that your office can accommodate?

Planning out everything from the location, employees and measurements of your office helps to ensure your office refurbishment in London is a process your business will benefit from.

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Our 15 years of professional experience in office refurbishments, office relocation and office furniture solutions, has ensured that our standard of office refurbishment in London for clients is handled with high-quality consultation and efficient reconfiguration for all types of offices. 

All of our services for our clients are conducted with a client-first policy, ensuring that we acquire your perspective. 

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Office Refurbishment - Frequently Asked Questions:

Still unsure if your office in London needs an office refurbishment? Have a look at our frequently asked questions to answer any recurring questions you have. Alternatively, contact us using the contact form below.

An office refurbishment typically involves a range of activities from painting and decorating, through to the complete restructuring of your current office interior space. This reconstruction covers new floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, plumbing and windows.


The main goal for the refurbishment is to create a space that facilitates an efficient collaborative workspace for all your employees, in a cost-effective method. Interested in an office refurbishment? Contact PSG Global now!

An office refurbishment is an optimal method to revitalise and refresh your office space, creating an environment that can accommodate a well-organized workspace for your employees. 

In short, are you looking to vastly improve the quality of work provided by your employees, while ensuring their mental health and mindset is efficiently maintained during office time? Then an office refurbishment may be just what your company needs!

As mentioned before, the reasons to conduct an office refurbishment is connected to improving staff morale, and productivity, which is a great benefit in itself. 

However, other benefits are also packaged in an office refurbishment from a financial and environmental perspective, both benefits that PSG Global can provide for your company.

An office refurbishment in London will typically cost around £20 to £55 per SQ Ft. or £175 to £560 per SQ Meter. However, this is highly dependent on the products specified or the company providing the refurbishment service.

Coming to the conclusion in acquiring an office refurbishment and fit-out company for your office space is a difficult decision in itself. However, deciding the right office refurbishment company can be a complex task in addition to this. 

Research and constant queries is crucial, although there are a multitude of reasons why you should choose PSG Global. From our 15 years of professional experience in office refurbishment, and expert consultation for fit outs and other types of refurbishment options, our services will ensure your office in London will achieve the optimal reconstruction it needs.

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